Joe Vs Destiny Part 2

All has been good since i returned to verse and got back into Destiny The Taken King with 1 exception. It’s not quite a game breaker but it does have me scratching my head wondering why Bungie haven’t come up with a way around it.
I’m not talking about costs, or content the only remaining gripe i have with Destiny is around the Light level that due to the strange way it’s implemented has effectively broken the community up into 2 distinct groups & effectively shuts some out from playing large chunks of what they have paid quite a wedge of money for. Due to my light level I’m unable to join in Raids and I’m even locked out of certain strikes until i spend a massive amount of additional hours of grinding to get this level high enough to gain entry. The light level seems to serve no purpose but to place a barrier around certain things that i have paid almost £100 for and force me to either shit can it entirely or spend lets be honest a massive amount of hours doing patrols and the same tiring bounties.


Take that away from Destiny and put it into say COD and imagine having a Multiplayer Playlist that is only open to level 10 prestige players. Not only that but unless you gain access to that playlist you will never experience the very best of the game, that challenge and sense of success when you reach the end. Sure you could prestige 10 times, sinking 100’s of hours into a game but would you really want to? Should you be forced into it or should it be available to you through normal play?

Not such a great idea is it?

What solution is there for players like me who can’t participate and this awesomeness? Well there isn’t one i have to sit back and watch friends play through these awesome strikes in the knowledge that i will probably never have the time to get to that level, not through a lack of skill but through a lack of time. Being a parent and studying limits my free hours but why should peeps like me miss out? It’s not a genre thing either i’ve played RPG’s with players of mixed levels and it works simply by applying damage and enemy levelling to suit each player. Buying a game and being locked out is fucking draconian an obvious design flaw or more likely a planned decision by Bungie to keep players going back. I’ve already hit the Maximum level so why make me do it all over again?

Fuck you Bungie and the Sparrow you road in on.