Rare Replay : Some Bodies Are Best Left Buried


In a rare fit of nostalgia (pun intended) i decided to give Rare Replay a try. Well that and the fact it was £7.99 at Argos – surely it has to be worth that right?

And i am old enough to have played Jet Pac – WHEN IT CAME OUT! On the Vic20 i seem to recall.

So after a long(ish) install im excited at the prospect of reliving old memories, and seeing what my 10 year old makes of the games that were out when i was his age.

First up Jet Pac – its not as fast as i remember, or as colourful, or as interesting.


Did i really waste days on end on this shit?

To his credit my 10 year old thinks its not bad – it keeps him amused for 15 minutes.

But as much as it smells now, the stench is about to get WAY worse.

The rest of the 80s games (Lunar Jetman, Atic Atac, Sabre Wulf etc etc) are so bad that he can’t quite take it in. The only redeeming feature here is that you pop an achievement when you try each one.

atic atac

We all lost the will to live after the first 3 or 4. Free achievements weren’t enough of an incentive. Free money might not have been either.

So onto the 90s, surely he’s going to like Battletoads isnt he? Erm no.

The rest of the 90s is meh. So lets bin that.

The early 2000s (Xbox era) Grabbed By The Ghoulies bored us rigid, and we have been warned off Perfect Dark so we didnt even go there.

The 360 era stuff we were interested we already have, so no need to go there either.

The verdict?

Don’t dig grandma up. You might think you’ll get a nice conversation out of her but all you’ll get is disappointment and a bad smell.

Great in its day but the world has moved on. Would you watch TV on your 14inch CRT ? No you wouldn’t.

Leave the past in the past, don’t waste your time left on earth on this shit.