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Xboxfriends started up in 2003 with the aim of becoming a safe haven for those tired of trolls and bad behaviour online on Xbox Live.

An idea which was almost unheard of at the time, pc gaming clans were ten a penny, but for some reason nobody else had thought of creating a console only community.

Not only that but the fact that we put personality ahead of gaming “skillz” meant that people with more than half a brain could join and not feel out of place.

As our community grew we started podcasting and providing our own news / opinion articles on our site, which eventually gained us a mention in many of the mainstream Xbox gaming magazines. (We still have the laminated press clippings to prove it)

Our news articles and opinion pieces aim at providing an alternative point of view on the Xbox universe, we don’t write acres of prose and we get straight to the point.

Think of us as a swift slap round your gaming chops. We know our video games.

And unlike most of the mainstream gaming press, you can be sure we will always say what we really think.

So best get reading our stuff before someone waves that fat cheque in front of us and we sell out.

(We wish).

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