Age Daily: The Division Graphical options on console!!

As we wind down the final weeks till we get real hands on time with The Division Ubisoft are slowly pulling back the curtain of Development and letting us peek inside. An interesting nugget to come out of Ubisoft is news that The Division will allow graphical presents to help adjust the experience on visual experience on Console. Most PC games have a wealth of options from limiting the Resolution to various on screen effects which is something that I’ve certainly never seen before on a console before. The idea is pretty simple and allows a player to adjust certain lighting aspects of the game to favour a higher Framerate over the visual experience. It might not seem like much but for any game around the 30FPS mark any drops in Framerate can be very jarring and cause various unwanted visual issues not least tearing and that laggy experience.

The other side of the argument is why are we needing to disable the kind of visual effects that help make the experience so good for the sake of maintaining a stable Framerate? For me it’s just another nail in the PS4 and Xbox One coffin. We’re 2 years into this console cycle and already Developers are having to make allowances for the poor hardware in these consoles. It’s bad enough hardly hitting 1080p with a decent Framerate but not I might have to turn some lighting effects on to get a smooth experience. Let’s write this generation off right now and get cracking on the next.

Oh and you’ll need around 32GB to install The Division when it releases so best get round to deleting Destiny once and for all!!

In even more surprising news Amazon just launched a free triple-A game engine for PC, PS4 & Xbox One called Lumberyard. Without going too deeply into the new Engine it’s good to see the likes of Amazon entering the market and offering such powerful creative tools for free. I’m sure there are strings attached but for anyone looking at simply playing with game development what better place to start.

February also sees several Xbox 360 games making the jump onto the Backwards Compatibility list which still includes Red Dead Redemption which it appears was released in error and has subsequently been pulled from the program. Easily my pick’s of the bunch would be the Left for Dead 2 and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare both of which stole huge amounts of my time and are amongst my favourite 360 games. I have fond memories of Left for Dead 2 kicking my arse repeatedly and it’s absence has been felt for some time. The Xbox One doesn’t really have anything quite like the tightly focused carnage and brutally difficulty campaign and Multiplayer modes.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Left for Dead 2
Halo Wars
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Geometry Wars
Bomberman Live
Alan Wake’s American Nightmare

That’s all for today any 360 games you really want to play on the Xbox One? Let me know in the comments