Black Ops 3 Beta Impressions – TitanFall for the hard of thinking.


So after much fanfare and server implosion (that i may mention elsewhere) the Black Ops 3 Beta was installed on my Xbox One.

Fired it up and………meh!

How anyone can be impressed by it is beyond me. Sure it was functional, its alright i suppose. Graphically its last gen lackluster.

The aiming and movement are stilted, the guns don’t feel heavy or meaty enough. The wall running is laughable.

And its only a beta – i get it. At least i was spared the geopolitical America saves the world claptrap single player story.

Just try playing this and then play TitanFall straight after – there is no comparison.

Take the robots out of TitanFall, then remove its brain and its soul.

Then finally take a dump in its lunchbox et voila – Call Of Duty Black Ops 3.

I wondered why the people i gave codes away to on Twitter never thanked me for it – now i know, its because deep down they know they are in for a hollow experience.

Enjoy! I will be elsewhere.