Halo 5 Guardians: Spartan Company Established

Quick post chaps I’ve created our very own Spartan Squad over on halo waypoint you can get directly to us here if you want to sign up. I have invited everyone i could think of but if I’ve missed you apologies for that drop me a comment and i’ll sort that right out. I’d like the Spartan Company to follow the tradition of Xboxfriends and offer a fun, friendly home for Halo players of all skills from the Champions to the most casual of players, so long as you have fun & don’t mind some mild abuse you’re welcome.

Over the years, Halo has enjoyed, or endured, depending on your perspective, all sorts of socially cohesive tools. But back in the day, through the moist mists of time to 2001, Halo wasn’t even online. You see back in 2001, Social Media referred to a dirty old newspaper that four hobos had slept in.

Back in the day, actual humans used to put hundreds of pounds of CRT televisions into cars and drive them across town to somebody’s wood-paneled basement, and blow out the circuit breakers by playing System Link games (imagine the internet as a series of ACTUAL tubes) right there with each other.

Well times have changed. Internets have improved. Sounds are surround. Televisions have transformed from leaden Cyberpunk fishtanks into wafer-thin slivers of ultra high definition perfection. All of which allows us to engage with other humans, but eschew the smells and jockeying for Fritos and position. But there was something to be said for having a crew. For being unified in a single spot by a shared love of the game. So the spirit of those days, odors included, partially inspired our new feature, Companies.

For the launch of Halo 5 and beyond, we wanted to give players a simple way to gather, to share identity, to plan games and to orbit and connect around Halo’s multiplayer experiences.

Companies is that center of gravity, and we’ve created a short video to help explain how it works, and how you can use it to meet, recruit and organize players and matches in a single, custom-created “Company”.