Halo 5: Guardians Swords of Sanghelios Gameplay

The wonderful folks over at 343 industries have released a new game play segment showing off the Sangheli home world Sanghelios for the first time in game. The various Halo books have visited the harsh Alien world but this is the first time we have visited Sanghelios and it doesn’t appear to be the friendliest place. In the 4 minute trailer we get to see Spartan Locke and Fire team Osiris in action against the covenant as they continue their search for The Master Chief.

The gameplay video offers nothing new in terms of mechanics but it adds to the sense that Halo 5 appears to be much faster, more brutal and as 343 mentioned they want the player to be the weapon. They want players  to feel like super powered Spartans and by utilising Ground Pound and the Spartan Charge abilities to just smash through the covenant ranks like unstoppable killing machines. The Squad mechanics seem solid and the AI appears to be functional and visually it really does look every inch the AAA blockbuster Microsoft desperately need it to be.