Mass Effect Andromeda Plot Details

Details for the next Mass Effect game have been almost impossible to come across with the exception of the odd screenshot and teaser image but thanks to a leaked user survey that has hit Reddit we might finally have something to go on. Now as with anything on Reddit until it’s confirmed we should take it with a pinch of salt but what we have seen looks like a big departure for the series. Removing Shepard the hallmark of the series is a bold move but one that needed to be made if it’s to stand alone and to have any chance of major success. A new protagonist is only part of what appears to be changing a new setting and a much needed sense of exploration back into the series. In the last 2 games there was a lack of exploration in part due to the loss of the great Mako missions but mainly due to the locations your operated in and the repetitive enemy classes. Moving the entire series to a new Galaxy or even timeline makes perfect sense when rebooting a franchise with as much success as Mass Effect.

In the previous entries in the series Humanity had a home and colonised multiple planets in the Sol system, this time around it looks like we could be in an entirely new Galaxy Humanity hasn’t been to before. There are some important bits of information “Draw your weapon, because the fight is bigger than you thought” seems to indicate the expedition was unprepared for what they encountered. Another key line is “with creatures and species entirely unknown” again indicating Andromeda will take place in a new uncharted Galaxy against a totally new foe which confirms what Bioware have said in the past that this is an entirely new series.

All very positive stuff and timing wise it’s about right with the inevitable E3 reveal not that far away it makes sense for EA\Bioware to be getting this sort of feedback.