Star Wars Battlefront : 5 minute review


The Farce Is Strong With This One

I’ve been one of the biggest Star Wars fanboys since the age of 8, which was a long time ago (put it this way, Return Of The Jedi hadn’t yet been released).

So the hype machine had me gripped firmly by the nose hairs waiting for this game to drop.

I mean its Battlefield style multiplayer in an authentic Star Wars setting, what’s not to like?

The problem? Its Battlefield style right enough, but with its arms and legs cut off and a pretty Star Wars skin slapped on top.

Spawn, race to the middle, die. Or alternatively….

Spawn, race to the middle and don’t die…..for a bit.

Skill plays no part in this game, anyone can spam a few kills with a bit of luck, which is fine at the beginning but it gets old very quickly.

It really lacks variety, there are precious few maps, all the weapons feel the same. The single player “missions” are woeful.

In a nutshell, you just don’t feel “THERE”.

Thankfully i have EA Access so i had 10 hours of free play to try it out.

I still haven’t reached hour 3, and i doubt i ever will return to it. It was effectively free, and i still feel cheated.

In the words of Master Yoda “DULL AS FUCK IT IS”.

He’s not wrong. Even Chewie would struggle to pull this mess together.




Final Thoughts

Overall Score 2.3