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The X-Files: I want to believe



Hold the press, put the kids to bed early, grab some popcorn and prepare to be hopelessly overwhelmed with
nostalgia Because Fox have finally released the Revival Teaser Trailer for the upcoming-Files revival and whilst it may be brief.

It’s enough to give me wood. EPIC WOOD.

So onto the trailer and we can see several key frames that may go some way to indicating exactly what Mulder and Scully will
be up against in January.

The first image shows Mulder and Scully in a clearly hostile environment with weapons drawn and aimed at someone\something.
Going by the looks on their faces something important is going on maybe a meeting with a former adversary?

Next up we have a group of what appears to be US Soldiers wearing 1940’s issue uniforms in a desert probably in New Mexico
and in the back is a shadowy figure dressed all in black. The soldiers are clearly walking towards something laying in the dirt with
Weapons ready. Could they be approaching a crashed craft taking us back to the Roswell incident?

The Third clip shows what appears to be 2 dead bodies being dragged through a Warehouse leaving a trail of blood on the floor.
Perhaps key to this scene is what appears to be a large military vehicle being the possible destination of the dead bodies.

My favourite clips in the trailer acts like a homage to the X-files of old and shows Mulder walking over the classic
X-Files “I want to believe poster” reaffirming the hope that this mini-series keeps  true to the philosophy that enabled it to stand
out amongst a crowd of copy cats.

One problem with rebooting shows like the X-Files with the original cast is often the actors are past their primes and drag the
series down but down Anderson and Duchovny both look fantastic throughout the trailer. As cliché as it may sound the really
were born to play the roles of Mulder and Scully and i have no doubts that this 6 episode mini series will be a fitting
addendum to arguably the best sci-fi show of the 90’s.

Did you spot anything that i missed of importance in the trailer below and are you looking forward to getting reacquainted
with Mulder and Scully?



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