Trade in your Digital Games?

In a recent Reddit survey Microsoft have asked gamers if they would be interested in trading in there digital games in return for 10% of Xbox store credit. As a gamer who buys the majority of my games digitally this is something I would certainly support but with a few caveats of course. Firstly the 10% seems very low but when you consider we typically pay £40 for a new AAA title getting back £4 when you could walk into Game and get 30% back seems pretty low. The other major question is does the title depreciate over time, making that initial £40 investment shrink to a fraction of it’s original sale value?

When I picked up Destiny on Launch day for the full £50 I was gutted when it turned out to be a steaming pile of shite but as I picked it up digitally I had no way to recoup any of that money. A boxed copy would have gone back to the store and traded for something more enjoyable like Small Pox or Herpes but instead of those bundles of fun I was left with something I could do nothing with. Yes it turned out pretty well in the end but man was I pissed to be stuck with Destiny just sitting on my Xbox worth nothing.

Is this something you would get behind or do you think the 10% on offer is poor value?