XBF Gaming Daily

Quick post today as I’m neck deep in Halo 5 and enjoying a well earned week off work. I’ll be posting my thoughts on the Halo 5 Guardians campaign throughout the week so keep an eye out for updates.

News wise it’s pretty slow going as all the attention is focused on Halo but we have confirmation that the new Xbox experience launches on November 12 for everyone. I’ve been running it since the initial rollout and bar a couple of little glitches that are par for the course with early software builds it’s a clear improvement. Speed wise and general usage both see huge improvements over the current Dashboard. I’ll put together a full run down of my experience with the new Dashboard on the coning days leading up to the launch.

One of the key features of NXE is backward compatibility and yesterday we got an update from Criterion that the stupendously awesome Burnout Paradise will be available to play on Xbox One. In response to a tweet they confirmed it’s in the pipeline and updates will be coming soon. I’m a massive Burnout fan so this made me super happy. I’m still holding out for another installment in the series but for now Burnout Paradise will certainly fill a vacant spot on the Xbox One lineup.

That’s your lot today keep tunes for more Halo goodness all week ?