Xbox Live Games with Gold – December

Decembers games with gold have been released and to be fair it’s a pretty decent list that shows the increasing value we now get with Xbox Live Gold.


On Xbox One in December we get The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing which has a rather impressive metacritic and steam score along with some rather stellar reviews.  Developer Neocore games describe the games as ‘ real-time action RPG, a game of action and theatrics, larger-than-life heroism and snappy dialogues, with wry humour and various twists on the well-known gothic clichés.’

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Next up is Thief the reboot of one of my favourite PC games and whilst it failed to reach the heights of it’s much lauded predecessor it was still well received on launch. For those unfamiliar with the Thief series you play as a master Thief in a game built around Stealth, concealment and exploration. It’s very much a Dishonoured type experience with elements borrowed from Assassins Creed. If you like stealth based games you may just love Thief and best of all it’s free !!

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Some games came out for the 360 namely CastleStorm, Sacred 3 and Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising but who gives a crap about those? Seriously move on PEOPLE!