XBOX One Streaming


One of the stand out features from Windows 10 is the ability to stream Xbox One Game play to any Windows 10 device whether that is a PC, Laptop or Tablet in relatively high quality so long as you’re on the same network of course. The next update for the Streaming function enable full 1080p\60fps streaming for games that support that resolution and seeing how the streaming is lag free it really should be an ideal way to game whilst your TV is in use which in my household is pretty often.

But, I never use it and in fact I haven’t since I first played around with it as part of the Technical Preview program and that was little more than a functional test. Yes it works surprisingly well thanks in no small part to the miraculous compression tech it utilises but I never really felt drawn back to it. I’ve never fired it up and kicked back on my laptop and smashed in a few games of Halo whilst the wife is defiling my TV with some boring soap bullshit.

Now this could be down to the general lack of titles I really want to play or and I think this is the more likely reason, I just don’t like playing on small screens any more. Whether that is the 17” on my laptop of 10” on a tablet it just seems small like you’re playing a cut down, shrunken version of the game you play on a large TV.

So whilst it may be a good feature to have personally streaming games from my Xbox to mobile device just doesn’t excite me.

What do you guys think do you make use of the streaming capabilities?



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