Xbox support made a grown man cry – i’m not ashamed to admit it


So yeah i made a mistake – we all do. Whats not good is when your cries for help are ignored, or even worse when your nose gets rubbed in the mess you just made.

See the transcript below (i admit its rather dull). But what it proves is that the support people aren’t trained properly and are obviously just reading from a script.

And they are powerless to do or change anything – all they can do is lead you through the menus on the console – that i guess they assume you are too thick to try for yourself.

So the online chat yielded nothing worthwhile (the poor guy tried his best – i’d like to stress that its not his fault – he was a nice guy), Twitter and the official forum got no response and the killer was waiting for 45 minutes on the phone only to get cut off with no explanation.

(I now know i CAN still play online, Netflix still works etc etc, but the guy in the online chat seemed to know even less than me at the time. He couldn’t set me straight.)

Thanks Microsoft – a customer for well over a decade who has never had cause to contact you before now loves you just that little bit less.

You bitches!

s: hi
Greg: Hi there, thank you for contacting Xbox Customer Support. My name is Greg. Please give me few minutes to review your concern.
s: ok
Greg: Hi there. Thank you for the information. I see that you have redeemed the BO3 code on a wrong region, yes?
s: sort of
s: i tried to redeem code
s: but it wasnt working
s: so i saw online that if you set region to brazil it works
s: so i stupidly tried it
s: and now i cant change region back
s: to uk
s: everything is in portuguese
s: can you set my region back to UK please?
Greg: I see. No worries. I’ll do my best to help you.
Greg: Changing of the region is located below the website.
Greg: Can you please scroll down the page at the very bottom.
s: i tried that – but i get an error message
s: There was a problem making the change now . See Region Change Support page to be sure that it will work for you and try again later .
s: that was in portuguese – had to google translate it
Greg: I understand. Allow me to check on your profile. One second please.
Greg: May I please have the email address connected to your Microsoft account?
s: xxxxxxxxx
Greg: Thanks! I have the account open now. Are you using a computer or what type of device?
s: computer
Greg: Thank you. Did you try clearing system cache?
s: i tried it on 2 different machines
s: did it on phone and then tried on pc
Greg: Okay. So it’s still still showing in Protuguese?
s: yes
s: all amounts are in dollars
s: trying in different browser now
s: Só é possível alterar regiões do Xbox Live uma vez a cada 3 meses.
s: It can only change parts of Xbox Live once every three months .
s: translation there
Greg: Oh okay. I think I know what happen now. Let me just make sure.
s: sorry about all this. my son was desperate to play black ops 3 and i stupidly changed region
Greg: I understand. Yes, the work around works. But I think there is a confusion when your son migrated the profile. It’s not necessary the you migrate the profile instead you just need to change the country showing at the bottom of the Xbox screen so that you will be connected to a a different server.
s: can it be migrated back again though
Greg: So right now, I really apologize unfortunately migrating a profile can only be done every 90 days.
Greg: Sorry about the confusion.
s: but it says i have no xbox live for 90 days?
s: cant play online for 90 days?
Greg: But I understand that there 3 codes being provided, right?
s: yes 3 codes were in email
s: dont care about black ops as much as i care about losing my uk content for 90 days
s: and not being online for 90 days
s: how do i buy games with gold for instance for next 3 months?
Greg: Yes. I totally understand your point. Right now the best suggestion that I can offer you is to create a new profile while waiting for you to be able to migrate your profile back.
s: as far as im concerned this all came about due to a fault with the codes – i had a big part to play in it as well
s: no – i refuse to accept this – its very unfair
Greg: These is really a tough situation who have. I really want to get it back to your original region but even us would nto have that option to do so. 🙁
s: sorry but ive been a customer for 10 years
s: and spent a fortune
s: there has to be a way round it
s: im losing 3 months of xbox live – and all the games with gold for 3 months?
s: all started because of a server fault at your end
s: its really poor
s: i have 2 years of xbox live all paid up in advance on my uk account
s: is that now gone?
Greg: I get your point and i really want to get it fix for you. But regarding the migration, we really don’t have the ability to migrate it back. But with regard to your Xbox live subscription. I’ll see what is the best option that I can offer to you.
s: give me a uk number to phone please – im not accepting this.
s: you cant just take 2 years of xbox subscription away
s: and ruin a profile ive had for 10 years
s: you will lose me as a customer permanently
Greg: I know how important these matter to you. Please understand that there are thing that we really to not have the control over. I am looking for an option on how we can compensate to you because of these matter.
s: i realise its not your fault – but this started because of a fault with your servers
s: i cant believe someone cant just change it back server side
s: i dont want compensation – i just want i put back the way it was an hour ago
Greg: We still appreciate that you still manage to be patient with me. But really I just want to be honest but there is really no way to migrate your profile back to UK immediately. I’m very sorry 🙁
s: i accept you cant – but someone there can
s: have i lost my xbox live subscription?
s: i am paid up until 26/4/2018!!!
s: will i get games with gold in the meantime?
Greg: No. You still have the Xbox live subscription on your account. It’s just that it was also transfered to a Brazil region. Meaning only the contents from Brazil can be purchase.
Greg: Yes you still can. However only the games that are available on the Brazil region.
s: can i use content i have bought from uk?
s: do brazil get same games with gold as uk?
s: can i play online with uk friends in the meantime?
Greg: Good question. Regarding the contents you have from UK, there are contents that may still work but there is no guarantee that all of them will work. The reason for that it’s because we have these what we called region lock.
s: how can i even buy anything in brazil store if its all in portuguese?
s: this is really terrible
s: i really wanted the tomb raider game that was free this month
Greg: That’s the only trouble that I think we would have. I’m very sorry. But regarding your question with your friends. Yes you can still play with them.
Greg: We could check if that would be available in Brazil as well.
s: can i have a uk number to phone please
s: im not accepting this
s: its unfair
Greg: I understand. I just hope these will not be taken against me, Masood 🙁
Greg: One second while I get the number for you.
Greg: For UK number. We have 0800 587 1102.
s: xbox wont even sign in now
s: whole thing is broken
Greg: We apologize for all the trouble. We are working on fixing the servers right now. We will ensure that these get’s fix ASAP.
s: xboxes are coming up in portuguese
s: region locked content i have paid for wont play
s: and i have to explain this to 2 kids
Greg: I feel you man. I am a parent myself. I have experience that myself when I was new with Xbox. It’s really annoying and frustrating. I just really hope that I could change it from my end right away for you.
s: is there anything you can do for me here?
Greg: Like what I have mention earlier. Migrating the profile back to UK would not be possible unless we wait for the 90 days period. May I ask what are the gamer you often play with your console?
s: lots of stuff really
s: my kids play lot of minecraft
s: and have bought lots of packs for that
Greg: Let me check if that game is available on a Brazil region.
s: theres no point in checking
s: it will either work or it wont
s: all xbox menus are in potuguese
s: how can my kids use it?
Greg: May I ask if you are looking at “Brazil” from your computer or from your console?
s: console
s: my kids use netflix as well
s: is that broken too?
s: have 360 and xbox one
Greg: Thank you. Let’s try to change the language on the console.
Greg: Regarding Netflix. As mention earlier. Anything that is available on the US region might now work on the Brazil region because of the migration made on your account.
Greg: I check the apps and Netflix is not available in Brazil.
s: great – so thats broken too
Greg: Now to change the language. Let’s start on the Dashboard please.
s: ok
Greg: I’m very sorry again, Masood.
Greg: On the dashboard. Please look for the option “Settings”.
s: yes
Greg: After that, please look for system.
s: yes
s: this 360 yes?
Greg: Oh sorry. Are you using a 360 right now?
s: yes
s: thats the kids one
Greg: Sorry. Let’s back out. Kindly go back to the home page.
s: ok
s: i feel like crying now if im honest
Greg: I’ll try to provide the words in Portuguese.
Greg: I know how frustrating these is and believe me. I really really wanted to get it fix as now. If only we have the ability to do that, i assure you that I will do it immediately. I don’t see any reason to give you a hard time. But really, we do not have the power to do so.
Greg: Going back. Please look for “Configurações” on your console.
s: yes
Greg: After that please select Sistema > Configurações do console > Idioma e localidade> Língua.
s: yes i set that to english already
Greg: Thank you. Was it successful?
s: menus still in potuguese
s: xbox panels are now english
s: store front and all apps and games still in portuguese
Greg: What about changing the locale to US as well?
s: nope
s: no effect
Greg: I see. I guess that has been affected as well because of the migration that happen to your account 🙁
s: so this is how its being left?
s: is there anything further to be done?
Greg: Right now I am checking the free gamer that are available in Brazil.
s: if games with gold arent region locked then it might be ok
s: if i can still play them when i migrate back
s: other than having to tske portuguses lessons
Greg: I understand. Can we try minecraft and see if it will work.
s: theres no point
s: if it doesnt work it doesnt work
s: you cant do anything to fix it
s: just been on phone to uk number
s: sat on hold for 40 mins
s: then got cut off
s: very very poor
Greg: I have checked the the free games on the Brazil region and compare it from the US region and it shows that the free games is almost the same.
s: i am in UK
Greg: That’s why I highly suggest that we try minecraft and see if we can make it work.
Greg: Looks like the games that are available in the UK is almost the same.
s: are they region locked?
s: i might struggle to buy them in portuguese
info: Your chat transcript will be sent to xxxxxxxxxxxxx at the end of your chat.
Greg: The only time that region lock will kick in if the game is not available on a specific country. Say for example, Minecraft. If minecraft is not available in Brazil but it is available in the UK then the region lock will kick in. But if the game is available is available on both regions, then the game should work.
s: ok well i will have to take it up on the phone tomorrow
s: i realise its not your fault but i am feeling very let down
Greg: I completely understand if you feel that way. Do you mind if I check the games if they are both available on both regions?
Greg: I have checked minecraft and it’s available to both regions.
s: im concerned that i might be missing out over the next 3 months
Greg: So meaning it should be working if you launch it.
Greg: With that, whenever there is a migration made. It always follow the subscription. That’s why you still have the option to get those free games we offer to all Xbox gold members.
s: ok – well i will let you go
s: thanks for trying
Greg: Thank you for the patience as well. Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience these has caused you 🙁
Greg: But is there anything else I may check for you though?
s: you can find me somewhere i can get portuguese lessons
s: 😀
s: anyway – have a nice evening
Greg: Ahaha.. 🙂
Greg: I still hope you have a wonderful evening as well 🙂
Greg: If that was everything, I’d like to thank you again for contacting Xbox Customer Support. To properly end the chat session, please click on the “Close chat” button on the upper right hand corner of the chat window.
Greg: Take care mate.
Greg: Thank you again.