Xbox Windows 10 Update Improvements

One of the key improvement that Windows 10 will bring to the Xbox One is the increased system performance which may see some applications receiving up to 50% reductions in loading times as well as improved system stability. One of my biggest frustrations with the Xbox One Dashboard is how slow everything is whether you’re snapping your friends list or navigating the store it frequently feels unresponsive. Xbox engineering lead Mike Ybarra said during an interview with Major Nelson on Monday “Fans have told us they want to get into parties faster, they want to see what their friends are doing faster, all of that we are going to enable, with some new features, plus Windows 10 is allowing us to bring a new level of speed and responsiveness to customers.” 

Ybarra goes on to say “We see data from 360, from Xbox One today and then of course from the New Xbox Experience and we know from general use what people do, their common tasks,” he said. “And it’s our goal, in some cases we’re 50 percent faster and easier, and that’s a real good metric for us.”

This furthers my opinion that the Xbox One was hurried through development as a result of the PS4 and Microsoft have been playing catch up ever since. With the coming Windows 10 update a large number of the problems i experience on a day to day basis will either be eliminated or significantly improved. Yes the console should never have launched with such a poorly performing UI but at least Microsoft are finally looking ready to fix those issues.

We’ll see in the next few weeks and i’ll be reporting on the issues and improvement with the Windows 10 Update.

What improvements are you looking forward to the most?