Fallout 4 : 5 Minute Review


Oh Its Great, but….

So Fallout 3 was my #1 game of the last gen – i played that game to death and the time just flew by.

Hence my hopes were very high for Fallout 4.

Did it deliver?

Well yes it did, again i sunk 100 hours into it, got every achievement and the time zipped by again. But….

Something wasn’t quite the same this time.

The story is tripe (no change there), the engine is possibly starting to show its age and the crafting element was half arsed.

Like Skyrim the game got easier the more you progress, and the ending offered no challenge at all.

It was Fallout, but i’m not sure it was MY Fallout.

I reckon its because there weren’t so many quirky quests to go on (the silver shroud missions aside), hopefully the DLC will correct this.

Don’t get me wrong, its still a VERY worthy investment of your time, and for me the second best game of 2015.

Perhaps its just me, maybe im just a cynical old fart who has to pick holes in everything.

Yeah, that’s probably it.



Final Thoughts

Overall Score 4.2