XBF Gaming Daily

Welcome back to the second instalment of XBF daily i’m glad the first didn’t put your off entirely. So what do we have today well Microsoft have release the details of Games with Gold for October and we get Valiant Hearts: The Great War and the brilliant The Walking Dead Season 1 from TellTale games. The games with gold series is going from strength to strength and follows up the quite simply brilliant Metal Gear 5 and Tomb Raider from September.

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EA\DICE have released confirmation of the Star Wars Battlefront Beta dates and it’s a pretty brief affair running from October 8th through to the 12th but it is open to all and will allow gamers to try out the 40-player Walker Assault mode,  Survival mission, and the Drop Zone game type as well as getting a glimpse the new Battlefront “Companion” experience battlefront website during the beta period.

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In more interesting news Crystal Dynamics the developers behind Rise of the Tomb Raider have opened the door on the media allowing them to show more gameplay and reveal secrets about the story mode. Key to the story mode is Lara developing a deeper understanding of the various langauages she will encounter whilst searching for artifacts and finding clues. Learning these languages will open up additional dialogue, secrets and of course help with bonus XP which is so important to the levelling process this time around. Fleshing out the universe is always a good thing provided very secrets we uncover are interesting and all to the mystery and sense of exploration and discovery. Many games get this horribly wrong and instead of enriching the game world they become a boring chore to find them all.

One of my favourite channels for gaming videos is the awesome Ready up Live who was able to record several minutes of ROTR gameplay which really does show off not just how brilliant it looks but how varied and interesting as well.

In Halo news the floodgates are starting to open with 343i open up about the future of the Halo franchise and their plans for The Chief. Studio head Bonnie Ross and Frank O’Connor talk about a “fictional foundation” for the next 20 years and reveal work on Halo 6 has begun. Games Radar have the full article which can be found here Games Radar Halo interview and is well worth a read for Halo fans.

That’s me for the day thanks for reading and have a great weekend full of Xbox i’ll see you next week for more news and cool gaming related info.